About the Artist


Artist and sculptor Terry L. Crowther’s work is inspired by the human spirit to love, compete, and succeed. His sculptures come from his years of coaching and his passion to capture a moment in a human life that tells a story and inspires others to be all they can be. 

When you purchase or commission a piece of art from Terry you are getting a one-of-a-kind original or limited edition that is as unique as each of their collectors.


More about Terry L. Crowther



 Terry was born with an artistic gift. It was first applied in the field of architecture and then in the field of residential development and home building. 

It was in the field of architectural design where he learned how art can impact our lives. He spent over 30 years in these two industries where he turned client’s dreams into reality.



Another gift Terry was born with is his desire to help others. This gift was first used in youth coaching and then in coaching adults in the areas of management, individual career development, and team building. 

His ability to get to the heart of what people want has been a benefit to his clients in his professional coaching and in his art. 

He is so passionate about his coaching and sharing what he knows he has created a special page on this website for that purpose,  Coach's Corner.

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