"Commit to succeed." 

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23" x 14" x 19" H

Hand Sculpted & Hand Painted


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the commitment story

For all who have succeeded, we know it starts with commitment. It is this commitment and our passion that helps push us through the disappointments and setbacks that come along the way. We also know the heaviest lifting comes in the beginning. It is not until we move through the obstacles that we feel the momentum that will take us to our desired goal. This is what the artist, Terry L. Crowther, set out to capture in this exceptional piece of art.

To flip a huge tractor tire requires commitment as the athlete grabs the edge of the tire and puts all of her strength and energy into the lift to get it up and off the ground. Once she has it off the ground, she attacks it with determination, extending her arms as the weight of the tire transfers to the other side, allowing the momentum to send the tire crashing to the ground.

As the artist looks at his finished sculpture, he loves how it represents what it takes to succeed.  He especially loves the way it captures the look of the athlete and the massive tractor tire - its size, texture, and color. The tire reminds him of how we continually need to step out of our comfort zone and commit to succeed.