the finisher


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14" x 11" x 22.5" H

Hand Sculpted & Hand Painted


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the finisher story

How many times have you wanted to just give up and not do what you knew you needed to do to finish? If you have succeeded, you have most likely experienced this feeling more than once.

The inspiration for this piece of art came when the artist, Terry L. Crowther, was at a half triathlon. As he stood watching the competitors cross the finish line, he looked at their faces and saw the look of joy and exhaustion, all at the same time.  

The model for this sculpture makes it even more empowering given what she had to say about competing in a race of any magnitude:

"Finishing is about the hours of training. Each mile of the run gets harder. The last mile is grueling. When you can see the finish, all of the emotions come back every time - you're going to finish, joy, the runner's high.”

The artist loves how this piece of art captures the moment as the competitor crosses the finish line. It is a reminder to tough it out and finish.