"Fight or quit"

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14" x 14" x 17" H

Hand Sculpted &  Hand Painted


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the gridiron story

Anyone who has coached, led a team, started a business, pursued a career, or competed and failed, knows the posture of this player and the look on this player’s face. It comes when you have given all you have to give and still need to give more.

This sculpture was inspired by a black and white photograph of a dear friend of the artist, Terry L. Crowther. It was taken as his friend sat on the bench during a rain soaked football game as he watched the opposing team dominate their team.  

As for finding a model who could identify with making the decision to fight or quit there was a young man close to the artist’s heart – his grandson.  His grandson had faced this decision more than once as he progressed from an offensive and defensive lineman to becoming the starting quarterback of his high school football team.

This is a piece of art that connects on many levels.  The artist loves this finished sculpture because it is a great reminder to all of us who have had to make the decision to fight or quit. It will also serve as inspiration to others who will be faced with the same decision.