"Take the shot"

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8" x 9" x 28" H

Hand Sculpted & Hand Painted


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hoops story

All of us who have experienced success know you can’t score unless you take the shot. This sounds simple but as we also know it can be the one thing that stands between us and having the life we want.

But there is taking the shot and there is taking the shot and scoring. What makes the difference? For those who are successful, we know the difference is preparation and follow-through. We also know there seems to be a flow when you’re on the right track.

The artist, Terry L. Crowther, has captured all of this in this piece of art. He loves how the flow sweeps up from the floor into the player’s legs and how the player is focused on the shot as he prepares to send the ball flying to its destination. You can almost see the follow-through that is going to take place when he releases the ball to send it swishing through the hoop, completing the shot. Whether you’re a basketball lover or not, this is a great piece of art to tell your story of taking the shot.