"Time to relax

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10" x 13" x 17" H

Hand Sculpted & Hand Painted


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sunset story

As we know, the pursuit of success can be an exhausting one. The artist, Terry L. Crowther, has used walks on the beach, taking photographs at sunset, as one way to unwind. On one of these walks over 40 years ago, he saw a young lady gazing out at the ocean with a look of relaxation on her face.  Unbeknownst to her, he snapped a picture to capture the moment.

Fast forward to now and the artist still remembers the photograph he took so many years ago and wanted to create a piece of art to capture that moment. Knowing one of his granddaughters loved the beach, he asked her to model for the piece. But as always, he wanted to use the models real life experience and emotions in the piece. He asked her what she loves to do at the beach. Her answer was, “I love just relaxing and looking at the ocean.” This played out perfectly for what he wanted to create.

Now that the sculpture is completed, he loves how it captures the moment of relaxation and solitude during sunset at the beach. He also loves how he used the colors you find in a sunset and at the beach to further tell the story. The colors capture the golden light of sunset. He knows wherever it finds its permanent home, it will be a gentle reminder to stop and relax.