the competitor

"Press on and never quit"

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14" x 14" x 17" H

$3,900 Signed Limited Edition of 20

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the competitor story

What would you do if one day you found yourself robbed of the use of your normal physical abilities required to perform daily tasks, much less compete in a sport? Some of us would quit and some would never quit, and never quit is exactly what thousands of challenged individuals do every day.

The artist, Terry L. Crowther, was emotionally moved to do this sculpture to honor his dear friend who has what he calls the spirit of an athlete. He has watched her battle the crippling disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for years that has put her in a wheelchair. Where his friend is not an athlete, the artist was blessed in finding a wheelchair athlete to model for this piece. The athlete had survived a spinal cord injury in a surfing accident.

As the artist was creating this piece, he felt larger hands on his hands. He feels blessed to have been able to create it. He loves the way it celebrates the human spirit, honors those who press on and never quit, and how it serves as a reminder to the rest of us to do the same.