the dig

"Master the fundamentals"

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18.5" x 15" x 13.5" H

Hand Sculpted & Hand Painted


Shipping free within continental USA

the dig story

For the artist, Terry L. Crowther, beach volleyball played by female athletes is truly captivating. You have a grueling game with only two individuals per side, ankle deep in sand, working as one amazing team. Couple this with the natural beauty, agility, and strength of the female athlete and you have a sport that captivates viewers.

But what does it take to be successful at this sport? That question was easily answered by the female volleyball player who modeled for the sculpture - it takes a love for the sport, dedication to master the fundamentals, and a non-selfish attitude to make sacrifices for the team.

The artist loves how the sculpture conveys the beauty and the strength of the female athlete all accentuated by the golden color of the sand and sun. He also loves this piece for the way it captures one of the key fundamentals of this sport, The Dig. He knows it will serve as a reminder to master the fundamentals of whatever we pursue.