"Focus - Commitment - Teamwork

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 26" x 14" x 24" H

Hand Sculpted & Hand Painted


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turn two story

We have all heard “Turn two!” yelled at a baseball game as the crowd jumps to their feet, hoping for the final out and a win. But what does it take to make this play? For us who have been part of a great team, we know what it takes. It takes focus, commitment, and teamwork.

To create this piece, it took all three of these principals as the artist, Terry L. Crowther, reached out to a fellow artist, found the perfect models, and overcame obstacles. He feels the flying legs and arms in a cloud of dust captures the motion and the look on the players' faces captures the intensity.

As the artist looks at his finished piece of art, he loves how the blended colors of brick dust, leather, and wood helps tell the story. He loves how it captures a time in baseball when the runner could deliberately take out the defensive player as he attempted to make the throw to first. And most of all, he feels it is a testament to the power of teamwork.