wave rider

"Timing counts"

See below for more of the story.


24" x 14' x 34.5" H

Hand Sculpted & Hand Painted

Valued at $8,700

The Wave Rider is part of the artist personal collection. If you have any questions regarding this piece or commission work please contact  the artist.

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wave rider story

 One afternoon the artist, Terry L. Crowther, and his wife were having lunch at one of their favorite restaurants in Huntington Beach, California. As they sat eating lunch, enjoying the ocean view, he looked at a painting on the wall of a legendary surfer body-surfing a wave. He turned to his wife and said, “I want to do a sculpture of a bodysurfer.”

The artist, being a bodysurfer in his younger days, knew that if you want to be a successful at this sport, timing is everything. This is also true in life.

To create this piece of art, he needed someone who had experienced this sense of timing and who had felt the amazing sensation as the power of the wave takes control and propels you toward the beach - someone who had felt the emotional rush as your chest skims across the water.

 Fortunately his grandson was just that person. Home from college, he was excited to model for the sculpture but little did he know his grandfather was going to string him up from the rafters as he was put in the exact angle needed to sculpt the piece.

As the artist views his finished piece with pride, it reminds him of his bodysurfing days, bobbing and maneuvering in the water as he positioned himself to match his ability with the timing of the wave, creating the perfect ride. He loves how it will serve as a great reminder of how important timing is as you move through life.